Immediate Consultation


When you first call the office, you will be greeted by one of his wonderful staff, Mildred, Gina or Tammy who will assist you in making an appointment to see Dr. Lo and to begin your journey. Because, we want you the experience the best in breast implant surgery, the consultation is free. Your appointment will be made for your convenience in the Philadelphia or Marlton, NJ office, and can be as soon as 1 week. We know that once you have made up your mind, that you wish to have your evaluation as soon as possible.

During your consultation you will meet with Dr. Lo, and he will discuss your goals for breast implant surgery. We have a state of the art, Vectra 3D Breast imaging machine that will take a picture of your breasts and give you an idea of what you could look like with the surgery.

Sizing will also be performed with silicone sizers and using your normal clothes you can see your possible new look and profile with different sized implants.

The consultation usually takes about 45 minutes to 1 hour.

After the consultation, you will be able to schedule your surgery. Your surgery will be scheduled at a convenient time for you and often can be within 1-2 weeks, so you do not have to wait months for your new breast look.