Personalized Care

You will receive personal care and attention from Dr. Lo who is there every step of the way. Our experienced patient care coordinators, Tammy, Mildred and Jami, guide you through the process before, during and after your breast implant surgery.

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Our patient care coordinator, Tammy, has worked with Dr. Lo for 18 years and can answer your questions about plastic surgery. She assists Dr. Lo in the patient rooms, helps you with your post surgery experience, calling you the day after surgery to help you understand your post surgery instructions and answering any questions you may have. She is with you every step of the way!


Scarless Breast Augmentation - Mildred






Our patient care coordinator, Mildred, has been working for Dr. Lo for the last 15 years and is in charge of picking the surgery date that’s best for you. She will arrange all the preop, day of surgery and post surgery details.


Jami Appenzeller







Our go-to girl for making sure all of our patients find the information they need, Jami, our Patient Care Coordinator, has been with Dr. Lo for 4 years, and she helps with your
decisions to make yourself feel good again! She is part of he initial consultation process along with Dr. Lo, and you will find comfort in her compassionate ways. She also is our marketing manager, helping spread the word about Dr. Lo and his good works! She arranges special events and promotions to thank our patients for their trust in Dr. Lo.


Dr. Lo

Dr. Adrian Lo






A truly special and compassionate breast surgeon who understands our patients and how important their surgery is. He is always available to answer your questions personally by phone or email. He always calls his patients the night after surgery to check on their progress and is part of their entire journey, every step of the way.


***Dr. Lo’s Personal Guarantee:

Over the last 25 years, Dr. Lo and his team have helped hundreds of women achieve their goals and dreams for breast enhancement surgery, allowing women to finally have the breasts they have always wanted. In over 99% of women, this is achieved with one surgery. If for any reason, you are not entirely happy with your result, a second surgery may be recommended and Dr. Lo will not charge you an additional fee. (You will only be responsible for any additional hospital or anesthesia fees.) Dr. Lo and his team want the best result for you possible and for you to be happy with your look.***